Cultural Centre Antiqua Marca Firmana (Association of Social Promotion)

founded in 1993, has the aim (according to Article 4 of its Statute) of promoting cultural events, at national and international level, with the purpose of achieving a still better understanding of human, artistic and scientific issues; it is also designed as a moment of aggregation and exchange of ideas finalised to enhance national and international talents from Fermo and its territory.

In pursuit of its objectives the Association aims to establish relations with public and private bodies, cultural and artistic associations, with people at schools – in the broadest sense – and tourist organizations, and to develop relationships with other similar Italian and foreign associations.

The Association has conceived and organised since 1994 the International Violin Competition, entitled to “Andrea Postacchini”, lutemaker of 19th century from Fermo, held every year in May in the City of Fermo – Marche – Italy.