Entrance into the camping – village involves the acceptance and the full observance of the present regulation:

  • Le Mimose camping-village is open all the year. Booking is always possible.
  • On their arrival guests must hand over their identity documents for registration. Every guest must dress a personal and not trasferable bracelet, for all the stay. A mark must be applied on car/motorcycle.
  • Variations about people in the bungalows or in the places must be communicated at the reception, otherwise, will be charged the days of absence
  • Visitors can enter in the village only by feet and after having left an identity document at the reception. Staying more then two hours they have to pay the camping daily tariff and however they must left the village within 21.00. Visitors not declared fall into sanctions provided for the law.
  • Minors are admitted just with a parent or an adult.
  • Children have to be accompanied in the use of equipments and to the toilettes.
  • The use of village’s facilities and the taking part to organized activity are at one’s own risk.
  • The entrance barriers will be closed from 14.00 to 16.00 and from 00.00 to 7.00. During this time it’s strictly forbidden to use any kind of motorized vehicles and cause noises.
  • To go in or out of the village it’s necessary to take the appropriate magnetic card at the reception. At the departure the card must be given back.
  • Reception is open all the days at the following hours:
    Chek-in: from 7.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 21.00.
    Payments: from 7.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00.
  • Guests have to ask by themselves at the reception about receiving of mail or messages.
  • Small pets are allowed in village and camping but not in “I Portici”, type c, mobile homes confort. Their owners must be care to respect other guests and the environment.
  • It’s not possible to give advice through loud speaker about loss of animals or objects.
  • Every guest must take care of his own things. The Management doesn’t, in any case, assume responsibility for eventual losses or thefts or for valuables not given for safe keeping. Safety boxes are available at the reception. This service is free.
  • Parking inside the village is not controlled.
  • The management declines every responsibility for damages caused by atmospheric agents or natural causes.
  • The number of the bungalow or place is given by the Management and it may be changed in relation to internal necessities.
  • People with unpleasant behaviour can be left out or moved away from the village in each moment by the Management.
  • We accept reservations for a minimum of 7 days from Saturday to Saturday . The week 14/08 – 21/08 should be linked to the previous or next.
  • The confirmation letter is the only valid proof of the reservation.
  • Payment: 40% in advance on booking, the balance to be paid after reviewing the structure.
  • The deposit will have to be sent within 20 days by booking, otherwise reservation will be cancelled.
  • The waiver must be received, in writing, at least 20 days before the beginning of stay, and in this case, the deposit will be refunded minus 10%, otherwise, the deposit will be retained.
  • Late arrivals and early departures, do not involve refunds or reductions in price
  • Arrivals from 16.00 to 20.00 p.m., departures from 9.00 a.m. It’s necessary to communicate possible delays, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will be lost.
  • The cleaning of the kitchen must be made by the customer, otherwise, the management, will charge € 30.00 for the service.
  • The pitch have to be paid the day before leaving on cash hours.
  • The pitch must be left at 12 noon on day of departure; otherwise will be charged an extra day.
  • The car will be parked on the pitch allocated. If not you will charged for the second car. It is absolutely forbidden to park the car in the free pitches.